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We do not have an office in the usual sense. In our humble opinion, today there is no urgent need. Office implies equipped premises for which you must pay rent, a permanent human presence, which also have to pay the salaries in this office and so on. We - do not grow and do not keep in their flowers, cakes, soft toys, vases and more. The cultivation of flowers, cakes manufacturing and sales of related products (baskets, flower vases, balloons, etc.) engaged our partners with whom we have good cooperation more than a year.

We deal only with delivery. Been doing this for a long time and successfully. Due to the lack of spending on office we are able to provide you with excellent service at reasonable prices. All of our employees (and there are not too many) - it is real people with real documents, which may be provided by us to you if necessary.

Do not be surprised if we did not respond to e-mail or by ICQ at the same time as you applied to us. It is possible that right now there is no one at the computer or because everyone is on delivery, or we are busy with something else. In the end, it is not our main source of income, but rather a pleasant hobby.

Due to the abundance of spam we were forced to temporarily get rid of the electronic form to send us a message here and put our email address as an image.

All the details by phone. +38050-364-11-95 or ICQ

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