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   Delivery time
   We deliver orders from 9:00 till 20:00. In some cases, we may depart from this rule. We do not guarantee delivery at a specific time to the minute, but will make every effort to do so.

   Before delivery to the recipient, we call for appointment convenient delivery time. If the recipient is not home (at work) during the delivery, we will do one of two things:

   1. Leave an order from the neighbors (or the Secretary). For the recipient, we will write a note explaining who we left the order.

   2. We left a note at the door asking the recipient to contact us for appointment of a new delivery time.

If the recipient is present all day at work, we recommend to order the delivery of work. Incomplete or incorrect information may delay delivery.

   Please place your order well in advance (preferably at least 2 working days before the date of delivery). In any case, the delivery of Kharkov in the day of the order (Monday to Saturday inclusive) is possible when making the reservation till 12:00 on local time excluding holidays and peak periods flower delivery. Orders received after 12:00 local time, can be delivered the next day. We can not strictly guarantee delivery on Sundays and public holidays. To avoid delays in delivery, please make sure that the information you provide - the correct and complete.

   Information about the delivery of the holidays

   Because of the increased volume of orders during the holidays, we can not strictly guarantee delivery on the same day during the following holidays: Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day, March 8, Easter, if the order was not made in advance.

   Changing flowers (gifts) in their absence

   Due to the seasonal changes in the market, order and / or delivery of certain types of flowers can be limited or impossible. Also, some specific colors may not be available in some days. In connection with the foregoing, may sometimes not be possible to deliver flowers that accurately reflects the one shown on the site.

   In this case, we will deliver floral arrangement, most similar to that shown on the site. The cost of actually delivered our songs will be equal to or greater than ordered by you (You do not have to make up the difference). We will make every effort to bring your ordered delivered to the track to the size, shape and overall color scheme.

   Additional gifts (toys, chocolates, champagne, food, etc.) may differ in appearance, size and producing firms from appearing on the site. In any case, we guarantee that the cost and quality of delivered gifts will be equal to or more than ordered.

   Our task - to meet the needs of every customer as if he was not demanding. If you are not reasonably satisfied with the flower arrangement or a gift, ordered on our site, or you are unhappy with the level of our service, we are fully or partially compensate your expenses.

   Rules of order cancellation

   If for any reason you wish to cancel an order, please let us know, please, as soon as possible. Reservation can be canceled only until the time of its preparation to delivery. Requests for cancellation received not less than 12 hours before you specify when ordering delivery time. After this period, the order can not be canceled or changed. In enthusiast case refund is not made. If a customer canceled an order for more than 48 hours before delivery time, payment is refundable in full less the cost of transferring money. If the order is canceled for the time from 12 to 48 hours before the time of delivery, the company retains the amount required to repay the cost of processing the order. In exceptional cases, cancellation of orders can be made less than 12 hours before the time of delivery, provided that if the order is not prepared for delivery and sent by courier. In such cases, we make refund except for $ 10 (organizational costs). If the order was not delivered to the customer's fault (incorrect address, phone number, the inability to find the recipient at the address, etc.), and the company incurred costs for this order, refund is not made.

   Delivery time - is the date and time designated by the customer during the ordering process.

   Note: If delivery can not be implemented due to incorrect addresses / phone receiver as reported by the customer or by the refusal of the recipient to accept the order, refunds are not made.
   Follow divert one and the same order to another recipient (other address) can be made subject to payment of the costs of shipping an order to the original address.

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