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   The name of this plant comes from the Greek KRUS ANTEMON - golden flower.
Chrysanthemums come to us from China and Japan.
The Chinese named their royal colors, while the Japanese were drawing them on the imperial arms.In Japan, the Chrysanthemum Festival is held on a regular basis.
Give chrysanthemums You can always be sure that surrounded the beloved truly royal care.

Chrysanthemums come in single, spray, cutting and in pots.

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Vase not included


Bouquet of colorful chrysanthemums and greenery



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Vase not included


Bouquet of white chrysanthemums camomile bush

Price from $40


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Vase not included


Colorful bouquet of chrysanthemums in the form of a ball

Price from $45

Bouquet of white chrysanthemums.

Price from $40

The price includes the cost of delivering a bouquet of flowers in Kharkov!


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