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1. We accept transfers to credit card

2. Payment through payment system
  3. Payments System , , ,.

 Name and address of the recipient:

   Dmytro Pryntsev, Kharkov, Ukraine phone: +380503641195.

Go to the nearest place to accept payments Western Union, MoneyGram, Contact, or Anelik fill out the form and make payment. Employee Western Union, MoneyGram, or Pravexbank Anelik give you a receipt with the check number. You may also want to translate Western Union online, using your bank account. Tell us this number by phone, email or ICQ, and thus we will be able to obtain payment.
4. Payments System . You need to have your purse registered in this system. You can simply make a money transfer to the purse Z242994190834. Please send payment for the order in WMZ units.

5. Payment in cash to the courier. Contact us by phone: +380503641195 or ICQand the courier will arrive to you at a convenient time for you, if you are in Kharkov. Departure courier paid in $5. Cash payment is made at the market rate at the date of payment in UAH, USD, EURO.

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